Q.In Need of urgent assistance?

Ruki Japan provides personal customer services that support our guests with instantaneous responses in every way possible to fulfill your travelling satisfaction.

Q.Poor sense of direction, easy to get lost?

All of our locations are equipped with portable pocket WiFi for our guests to use anywhere in the city so that you will never get lost and stay in touch with your social media and the world. 

Q.First time traveling to Tokyo?

This is a guide for our first-time travelers to Tokyo.

All our properties will provide the essential amenities such as towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and toiletries. We supply hairdryers and irons in every location under our management.

Q.Travelling on a budget so you can spend more elsewhere?

Compare to hotels in Tokyo, our accommodations are more spacious and more affordable at an unbelievable price. Not only can you save more but able to experience another culture and feeling just like home.

Q.Accommodation guarantee? 

Ruki Japan operates by our professional team with years of experience in hospitality. We never cancel any of our guests' reservation unless there are extenuating circumstances and we will have your money back guarantee.

Q.Language Barrier?

There is no need to worry about having a disappointing trip with our experienced international team. No matter if it's English, Japanese, Mandarin, or Cantonese, we are able to assist you to solve your traveling problems in a jiffy.

Q.Clean Environment?

We have a team who are trained to be consistent, thorough, and detail-oriented. We strive to maintain the highest quality of service to make sure all our guests are satisfied.