Welcom to JAPAN|Scan the QR CODE and book your next trip! 使用QR CODE立刻預定下次的旅行!

Scan the QR CODE and book your next trip! 使用QR CODE立刻預定下次的旅行! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please visit RUKI JAPAN Website:www.rukibooking.com 訂房詢問:RUKI JAPAN 粉絲團 訂房系統:www.rukibooking.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★Support you with 24hr immediate responses! 從出發前至離開都有小幫手與您【隨時聯繫】。 ★ Free portable Wi-Fi router for you to stay connected everywhere! 提供隨身【WIFI口袋機】讓您暢遊東京。 ★ Trilingual customer support in English, Chinese and Japanese! 皆有【說中文、日文、英文的管理專員】服務。 ★ Hotel grade 100% cotton beddings and towels! 飯店級全棉純白被單、毛巾,深度旅遊、【安心休息】。 ★ Professional Cleaning Team – We guarantee to provide strictly sanitary rooms for every check-in! 專業清潔團隊,享受乾淨衛生【衛浴設備】。 ★ Apartment to station in less than 5 minutes – We are committed for your convenience! 步行車站免五分,【逛街旅遊最方便】。 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Assist in booking activities and gourmet restaurants Shopping on behalf of the purchase, on behalf of the line and the order of the ticket * For more assistance, please inform RUKI in advance for your service 協助預約各項活動及美食餐廳 購物代買、代排隊以及票券的訂購 *如需以上協助都需提前通知RUKI為您服務

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